MediView: The world’s next cancer treatment

source: WeAR studio

Do you remember when you were a kid and you would pretend you had superpowers? I, for one, certainly do. Maybe it was invisibility? Flight? Super-speed? MediViewXR’s team just exhibited the superpower that they believe all surgeons will be yearning for — X-Ray vision.


MediCare’s platform is an augmented reality program, which accurately depicts the location of a surgeon’s scalpel in the human body. The application identifies the part of the body in which the patient is required to remove and overlays a location-accurate representation of the part. The surgical navigation tool is being used most notably to assist surgeons in removing tumors with ease.

Cure cancer with facility? I don’t believe you.

Yes, I understand your doubts. MediCare looks directly into a patient and permits surgeons to view tumors in 3D through the patient’s skin, even allowing the surgeon to walk around and view the tumor, organs, and more from any angle. This gives surgeons an immense advantage in planning their operations and curing patients with cancer.

How does it work?

CTs or MRIs are used to build the 3D structure of the patient and allow the surgeon to navigate to the desired location within the patient. Surgeons can also see the cancerous areas within the organs and strip or add layers of the body, aiding the surgeons in differentiating between things like skin, soft tissue, and bone.

What the future holds

So as you can probably tell, this technology is revolutionary and will certainly save lives someday. The project is still underway and they are currently trying to calculate the cost to put it mainstream. MediViewXR’s team believes that the technology will be most beneficial for smaller hospitals that can’t afford $3 million fluoroscopic systems — that is at least if the technology doesn’t cost that much.

14 y/o working on PCV13 distribution in low-income countries

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